Installation of Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.5 in VirtualBox

Starting up Oracle VM VirtualBox for the first time:

Name of my virtual machine: MyEBS

As guest OS I will install 64 bits Oracle Enterpise Linux 5.5 => OS Type: Linux / Version: Oracle (64bit)

My Laptop has 4 GB of internal memory. Because Oracle EBS is a heavy application I will try to allocate 2 GB to the virtual machine. Selecting more is giving me errors / warnings and of course some memory has to be left for the host OS (and applications).

Because Oracle EBS R12.1.1 requires alot of space (I frogot how much exact), I create a fixed (boot) disk of 300 GB on my 1TB WD external drive. May be I also could create a smaller boot disk with EOL 5.5 and another giant disk for Oracle EBS, but I don't have the time to find that out now.

After creating the virtual disk, the virtual machine will be created:

Start MyEBS virtual machine for the first time: install the guest OS. I already downloaded  from E-Delivery the file V20665-01 'Oracle Linux Release 5 Update 5 for x86_64 (64 Bit) - DVD' (3.3GB). First select on E-Delivery Product Pack: Oracle Linux / Platform: x86 64 bit.

There we go. I want to have it as small as possible as Oracle EBS also installs some software.

Skip the test. Everything is brand new.

You will see this message a lot unless you select Do not show me this message again.

I installed the English version. If I encounter problems anywhere, I think it is easier to find a solution on the internet.

I have an US International keyboard (had to check on the internet first).

Erasing all data? There is nothing to erase yet ... so press Yes:

My hostname

My root password: myEBS.R12