Monday, May 2, 2011

Installing ...

With 'System > Administration > Users and Groups' I created the following users / groups:
user: oracle / groups: dba (primary), oracle
user: applmgr / groups: dba (primary), oracle

Than I created the root dir:
#mkdir /d01
#cd /d01
# mkdir -m 775 -p ebs/R12VIS/inst
# chown -R oracle:dba ebs

In the past I already build the staging area, so I started rapidwiz :
# cd [my staging area]
# cd startCD/Disk1/rapidwiz
# ./rapidwiz

I used Port Pool 0 and changed the Base Directory of the Database to /d01/ebs/R12VIS and fir the Application to /d01/ebs/R12VIS/inst.

And now it is 23:30 and rapidwiz is already running for 3 hours and it indicates it is on 22% .... I am sure it has also to do whith the device type (dynamicaly growing). But tomorrow I need my laptop for work. I will close all other programs to free up some memmory, but I am afraid that won't help much. I limitted the memmory of my virtual machine to 1536 MB (out of 4 GB). Besides, this is all about I/O ... Keep on working, I am going to sleep.

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