Sunday, July 6, 2014

Installation / Activation of APEX in E-Business Suite R12

See Oracle Support Document 1306563.1 Extending Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 using Oracle Application Express (APEX) for a white paper and a few scripts to get the integration of Application Express and E-Business Suite R12 working, including a demo application. In short:

  • Install Application Express in the Oracle E-Business Suite database. Download the latest version of Application Express from (Developer Tools) and follow the instructions
  • Install Oracle REST Data Services (former APEX listener) as Web Listener 
    • Preferred by Oracle over Oracle HTTP Server and Embedded PL/SQL Gateway
    • Works standalone; Light use: no application server necessary (Web Logic, Glassfish)
    • Also see the article Moving to the APEX Listener by Dimitri Gielis 
  • Log into Oracle Application Express Administration
    • Create Workspace
      • Workspace Name: APEX_EBS
      • Schema Name: APEX_EBS
    • Set security setting ‘Allow Public Upload’ (Manage Instance)
  • Apply interoperability patch 12316083

By the way, I didn't do the installation myself. It was done by the dba'ers of the party where the customer has outsourced / hosted it's E-Business Suite application.

Next, build your application in APEX: it’s all about rights !

At my custsomers site they have the next releases / versions:
- Oracle E-Business Suite: release 12.1.3
- Oracle Application Express: release
- Oracle Database: version
Oracle Rest Data Services: version

In the white paper I missed the part how to make the APEX pages more look and feel like EBS pages ...

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